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Light Up Cell Phone Speaker

This two-in-one cell phone dock and speaker keeps your phone in place AND amplifies sound. Kids learn to engineer simple circuits, then customize this delightful docking station to light up! Compatible with all smartphones up to 6.5" x 3.5". With IllumiCraft, kids can learn to engineer simple circuits, then use their creativity to customize their colorful crafts with awesome accessories. These STEM based kits give creative crafters a kick start into basic engineering and a brilliant look into the science behind circuitry.

  • Illumicraft cell phone/speaker dock with 2 LED decorative lights with batteries

  • Engineer a simple circuit to light up your speaker dock with 2 feet of conductive copper tape

  • Includes 2 sheets of sparkly, decorative, shaped foam sheets; 3 sticker sheets; plastic and paper decorative shapes; 5-color paint set and guide

  • Decorate and personalize with paint, sparkly shapes, and stickers

  • Place your smartphone on the dock and let the sound shine

  • Light up their minds with a circuit-building craft

  • Great for creative and curious kids ages 8+

  • Perfect for STEM learning

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