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Pixel Flip

Pixel Flip - modern matching fun that colors everybody happy. 

With every paired set that’s matched and taken - another two tiles find their place upside down with the others. As the blue tiles start to find a home in “the successful match stacks," you’ll reach a point when the green tile variations come out to play! It may get a little easier for awhile...

As the tiles all become greens – you’ll be glad when red takes its turn. When you’re finally down to the yellows - we venture you’ll be an old pro.

With a little creative association to things you know - “My yellow rubber duck is sitting in the corner, butter is stuck on the bottom” - you’re no yellow-bellied beginner anymore!

Become a master of complex color-matching with the visually thrilling game of Pixel Flip.

Pixel Flip.jpg
Pixle flip A.jpg

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