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Spud is a load of hot-hot-HOT potatoes and sizzling swift thinking and rapid reacting! Wild mayhem spills out and reckless hot potato passing begins! 

Move around the Potato Cards by following the directions on the Action Cards. Avoid being stuck with Potato Cards. The person with 5 Potato Cards is out. (Toss potatoes to other players quickly and repeatedly. Remember, the potatoes are smoking hot. Move fast my friends, or you will get burned.) 


Potato Cards are laughable characters like “Wedge”, “Tots”, “Yukon”, and “Couch.” Action cards tell you which direction to pass potatoes.  But action cards also have colors. Green, orange, blue. If you do not have an action card of the right color to move a Potato Card – you’re stuck with it.

Spud is so rambunctious – it’s every bit as fun to play as it is to watch. Flying potatoes are fun, but it’s the unrestrained laughs, frantic hands, and devilish attempts to gang up on one player that are hard to beat. 

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